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 Posted: Tue Apr 16th, 2013 11:11 pm
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I am saying that perception is not bound by truth.
Nothing is bound by truth. Truth is just how things are. It doesn't bind them to be that way - it's just a description of them being what they are. If one can change state of things - one changes truth about them. Perception is not an exception out of anything. It's material process. Yet talking about is relevant to the truth. Because how ever we perceive perception - we either delude ourselves or not.

I can perceive something incorrectly. That does not mean that I am right. But it is still, however, my perception.

Doesn't mean that you are right. And doesn't mean that you can't be right. And doesn't mean that it is irrelevant in relation to truth.
I think if you go back and read your words about vaseline and tough love you might be able to decide why I perceived a certain vulgarity. However, I am perceiving that you would have the same perception of vulgarity.
As I said - some people tend to assume the worst. If you look it up - 'tough love' is actually a common slang term in IT industry. For one, it refers to parts of any electric device that require application of strength with both hands in an awkward position to assemble them together. And - oh my gosh - sufficient grade isolation lube is not uncommon. Ah... I guess you never figured which part of it was the joke and what I referred to. But it's your 'perception' that makes it vulgar, not me.
As far as you being a communist because you are from Russia, I have never perceived that. When I see a Russian, I do not say, "There goes a communist."
I never even suggested that you do.
I may think, I wonder how communism has affected that person's life.
Hopefully I don't expire before I get to something relevant in that little history lesson topic.
I worked at NASA. We had a meeting with some Russians regarding the MIR space station. There were several Russians. None of them smiled. None of them showed any emotional expression. It was strange to me. But maybe in a business meeting that sort of thing is not appropriate?
Closing MIR was entirely political decision. And ever since the end of USSR all (now - just almost all) political decisions here are for US benefit. Science folk somewhat get the gist of things. Hard to to pursue science wholeheartedly with people, whose government destroys your field of work.
It could be cultural.
It isn't.
It did make me wonder though. And it made me a bit sad not to read happiness in their countenance.
I myself find that I can't judge people by their appearance. Have a decent sample size of people who are simply better than others, but you can never tell about it from the outside. And you won't hear about it from them either. Some people won't outburst and open their hearts willy-nilly. And it's because they value their hearts so, not because they are afraid. Don't get me wrong - people with easy friendliness are great. But thoughtful mysterious type I find to be ever much more capable being a capital P personalities.
And as far as the number I have associated with you, if it is shock value you are trying to get, to me it is more an irritation that I have to go thru the mental gymnastics to read past it.
Think of it as a test. If person can't workout with iron weight - that person probably shouldn't get a rubber weight resembling the iron one. That is just pretending. There was a time when I couldn't speak very comprehensively. Always sounded somewhat clunky and mediocre. Didn't take me long to get past that problem on my own. Food for thought. Doing certain thinking 'motion' one has a good chance to learn to think with more efficiency. That doesn't mean that I try to hide stuff under the wall of words. But then when one is able to read such constructions - there is much more feel to the words than before. How can I put it...