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 Posted: Tue Apr 16th, 2013 09:58 pm
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I am saying that perception is not bound by truth.

I can perceive something incorrectly. That does not mean that I am right. But it is still, however, my perception.

I think if you go back and read your words about vaseline and tough love you might be able to decide why I perceived a certain vulgarity. However, I am perceiving that you would have the same perception of vulgarity.

As far as you being a communist because you are from Russia, I have never perceived that. When I see a Russian, I do not say, "There goes a communist."

I may think, I wonder how communism has affected that person's life.

I worked at NASA. We had a meeting with some Russians regarding the MIR space station. There were several Russians. None of them smiled. None of them showed any emotional expression. It was strange to me. But maybe in a business meeting that sort of thing is not appropriate?

That doesn't mean I think it is because of communism. I don't know. It could be cultural.

It did make me wonder though. And it made me a bit sad not to read happiness in their countenance.

And as far as the number I have associated with you, if it is shock value you are trying to get, to me it is more an irritation that I have to go thru the mental gymnastics to read past it.