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 Posted: Tue Apr 16th, 2013 06:28 pm
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I find your words about vasaline and your favorite number that you throw around randomly here and there as being vulgar.

Well, some people always assume the worst. Vaseline or if you prefer - petrolatum - has a very specific intended use. And unless you find electric isolation of technical substances being vulgar - you can have whatever make-belief or 'perception' - it won't change anything. Same goes for number 69. It's not my favorite number. But I find it fun that when someone says 'blue' as compared to 'pink' general opinion of many people goes as 'gay and lesbians'. They themselves set themselves to be offended or affected by it. And it's their own fault they assume that. Am I provoking such a reaction? Yes. Do I find it funny? Yes. Why am I doing it? To sort out those who are incapable of thinking for themselves. Because those that are won't ever be offended by it. If some stranger calls me a communist for being Russian - why should I care about this? I don't even know that person. And if this person is not a stranger and says that - there are always signs that person is joking if that is the case. And not seeing them is my own fault, same as if I for some reason get offended by it. Simple logical conclusion. Or at least it should be after shown once.

Some people extensively use the word 'statist' to describe certain individuals. I have the word 'casuals'. I try so people are neither statists nor casuals. Waking up is not an easy-doing job. But it's very humane as results show. And if even one out of hundred will stop being a casual as result of my influence - It's worth 99 other casuals getting really angry with me.

Perception is a person's reality. Perception is not about absolute truth or fact

So you're saying Joe lives in his very own private reality with complete disregard for the truth? The fact that whatever it is he comes up with to describe or in any way make sense out of anything is limited by his own perception automatically invalidates any attempt for reaching the truth by him? That is a nice one (sarcasm intended).

Now BEAR in mind that since you are also a subject for this - you formulating this statement and implication of it is also limited by your own imperfect perception. Thus the statement's validity can never be refuted (according to the base premise), making it an axiom. Then what right do you have to make a statement that caves in on itself just like that? If it isn't about truth, what is true about it? Who can tell? Logic? Having a hard time seeing sense in this.

Are you denying that there is even such a word as "perception?"
Are you denying that out of the billions of people on this planet that not one single person has a perception

Case and point. You'd probably like Tractatus Logico-Philosphicus by Ludwig Wittegenstein. He pretty much supported your idea, but went an extensive mathematical way about it. Failed, eventually, but was convinced that he didn't.

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