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 Posted: Tue Apr 16th, 2013 04:56 pm
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I perceive that you have some measure of enjoyment in being vulgar. You may perceive that you are not vulgar at all.

I don't find it to be vulgar or inappropriate in this instance. I find it to be a healthy laugh. Obviously that I don't find anything gay-related to be actually natural or in any way justified. Nor would I allow anyone dear to me to be brainwashed by parasites saying otherwise.

I may perceive a room to be cold while you may perceive a room to be warm. Who is right if the temp is 74 f?

Doesn't work. In either perception instance in this case perception is applied to a different situation. One person in the rooms with temp 74f as compared to the other person in the rooms with temp 74f. They don't have to come to the same conclusion to be compared by being right or wrong. They weren't asked what temperature air in the room is. Now the question is what if one person has per say appendicitis seizure? In that event senses are likely to fail. So does the measure of one being right or wrong in one's judgement of the situation. Same goes for your example - different situation, doesn't contradict.

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