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 Posted: Tue Apr 16th, 2013 04:19 pm
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Joe Kelley wrote: I perceive this:

To me 'doubt' and 'absolute truth' are the ends that don't meet.
I perceive this:

Things are not as black and white as perception or no perception.
I love you too.

First is a reference about popular idiom about meeting ends. To me 'absolute truth' excludes 'doubt' in it by definition of being 'absolute'. To me 'absolute' is 'including every scenario'. Including 'doubt'. But since 'doubt' is included - it no longer has its substance being a doubt, because otherwise truth wouldn't be 'absolute' - without it.

Second doesn't contradict the first IF that was the intended meaning by said quoting. 'Absolute' would account for unknown that is neither 'perception' nor 'no perception' and the for the unknown way it affects these two. Yet again - dropping 'absolute' for the fact of possibility of unknown. Perhaps you are saying that there are different shades to being 'absolute'. Yet it seems to defy the purpose of the term. At least that is how I see it.

I am perceiving that you guys love each other!

It's a tough love. The manly one. Common knowledge goes that it requires Vaseline. But actually using it (if we talk about questionable and unnatural sexual practices) is very bad for one's health. So that makes things more tough to an extent. This joke is starting to look like one nasty euphemism so I'm gonna shut up now.