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 Posted: Tue Apr 16th, 2013 03:32 pm
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I see you wrote the following to me:

So his perception exists and you can not poof it away.
I am not the one claiming that I can poof away any perception and that is a signficant difference in my opinion.

If I try to think back to the times when I thought it static time then I can imagine having a problem with doubting something while being confident that something is absolutely true; otherwise I have no problem.

I don't see things as being Black or White as if time is stationary and not moving, and by time I don't mean a stationary thing that is not moving, what I mean is to convey a dynamic perception of constant movement as far as I can perceive such a perception, which is doubtful, as to the accuracy of the perception, but none-the-less a perception.

Like this:

Perceive things as if they must be the way I say they are, and therefore I stop those perceptions as if taking a picture of them, and then, by that method of perception, I have something held constantly as it is while I perceive it, and it cannot change, ever.

Perceive things as if I may be able to understand things while they constantly change and my act of perceiving things may actually be changing the things I perceive.

So I can see myself in my past as someone who can be perceived as a being stuck in a perception that resembles the description 1 above, and I can see myself reaching for someone who can be described as someone existing in the description described in case 2 above, and if I have a problem with "doubt" and "certainty" being a simultaneous perception occurring in me, then I see that happening in case 1 above, and I don't see that being a problem in case 2 above, since I pretend to be, or I strive to be, or I willfully employ my power to direct my perception to be in case 2, more so than case 1, as I may be able to do, with what I perceive to be an accurate measure of success.

I Peter 4:8 And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

Funny how things work, that works on me as being relevant to the fence I find myself meeting my cousin Mike.

This experiment discovers perception in plants.
How about hydrogen neutrons?