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 Posted: Mon Apr 15th, 2013 02:43 pm
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Whenever I approach writing about a certain conception I tend to formulate answers to 3 basic questions about it:

- What (it is)?
- How (it works)?
- Why (it functions)?

All three shoud be view in succession, because essentially they are just extensions.

So in this instance we have a concept of dimensions.

1. What (is a dimension)? Dimension is as simple as it gets - is technically our way to measure depth (one of them, to be exact). In onther words - it is a way to measure how space manifests itself in regard of our organs of sense. But that explanation is completely trivial and would only satisfy a brainwashed bloke. Because measure we gain that way is just a convenience, it has no tangible physical follow-up. So the proper question would be - what is the reason behind us making such a measurement as dimension. What process accommodates for a change that provides us with a reason to make such a measurement. Looking at it as on a certain interaction between matter and space I make a hypothesis that the event in question is growing influence of matter in this calculation. If we are to imagine dimensional value changing (increasing or decreasing), we can view it as according change in matter influence over space due to whatever reason. No matter the reason we now have a certain grasp on how to formulate the second question.

2. How that aforementioned interaction occurs? Let's picture most efficient configuration as plane or straight line. And anything, that influences this configuration - bring about a curve. If space is like a plane with pits of different shapes and size here and there, then matter would be like watter filling those up until surface is a plane. Effecively matter is what negates those curves as much as it required to balance them out. Curves being a condition based on space's anisotropical imperfection in any given part of itself. Thus the bigger the curve is - bigger dimension value would be.

3. Why all this would happen? Now that is one excellent question. Something I don't yet know how to crack on the larger scale. Even though I have some theories flying about, they are in a too raw state yet to share.

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