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 Posted: Fri Oct 5th, 2007 02:17 pm
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The couple defended themselves at trial, promising to show jurors not only their innocence, but the truth of their legal views. When the judge showed them a copy of jury instructions in their case that they said ensured they could not get a fair trial, they stopped attending the proceedings.

Elaine Brown ultimately returned to court, but Ed Brown sent an e-mail to his friends warning that the situation was likely to turn into "another Waco."

Last night, word of the Browns' arrests began to spread on blogs and message boards where supporters communicate. In a message posted to Ed and Elaine's MySpace page, Jim Hobbs of Phoenix, who lived with the couple for several weeks this summer, wrote: "This site shows 5116 friends. How many of you are just going to sit back and do nothing and how many of you will take action. ed had a list of 50 most wanted. Will you act on that list and send the messsage, Loud and clear."


Marshals have done little to block access to the couple's home, and the Browns have been visited by a number of local and out-of-state supporters. According to accounts from the Browns and the supporters themselves, they brought the couple food, cell phones and weapons, and helped them establish a presence on the internet that allowed them to communicate with like minded people elsewhere in the country. Since February, the couple has appeared nearly every weekday on an online radio show, where they have discussed their political beliefs and made several threats against federal officials As recently as yesterday, the couple used the show to discuss the possible utility of organizing assassination squads to target key government figures.

"That's what's going to have to happen worldwide," Ed Brown said.

The Browns have recently made mention of a list of targets being prepared in case they are harmed by authorities.


I have not seen any mention of assassination or any aggressive violence by Ed or Elaine Brown. The "NEWS" is reported as if it were FACT on a very important contention i.e. Aggressive or Defensive willful injury of innocent human beings; therefore - evidence supporting the public accusation, the public trial, and the public conviction of this crime (public plea to assassinate and target innocent people) is MISSING.


Where is this 'confession' or 'smoking gun' or 'discuss the possible utility of organizing assassination squads'. That does not sound like anything I've read from Ed or Elaine Brown or anything I've seen recorded on YouTube.


What sounds very likely is a PLEA bargain of some kind was reached and there is no way to know what that PLEA bargain would be if it were intentionally kept secret as a part of the bargain. 

If further injury was minimized AS A CHOICE by anyone involved in this particular incident, then, that fact is something worth doing again RATHER than the last time such an incident occurred.  

The fight for liberty can never be a race to see who kills and tortures the most. 

Look at this:

Ed and Elaine Brown could have been discussing Jim Bell's essay. Ed and Elaine Brown could be guilty of tax evasion OR they could be innocent while the Judge is guilty of instructing the jurors to do something unconstitutional.

Evidence withheld from the Jury and evidence that is false or misguided does not CONSTITUTE fact, guilt, legitimate conviction, or legal punishment.








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